Various theme shows aired on The Other Side, compiled and produced by friends. Enjoy!

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BrycremeBrylcreme Factory Endeavor Part I

Hour 1   Hour 2

August 25, 2015: The Brylcreme Factory Endeavor has now opened its doors! For two hours you all will hear authentic 1950s noise blasts with commentary from your host Alabaster.C.Koyner. Rockabilly hoodlums and hillbilly hepcats abound and will shred you with their sounds!

noise for noise sakeNoise For Noise Sake Part I

  Hour 1   Hour 2

July 28, 2015: When does a sound become a noise? Is there such a thing like a quiet noise? Be prepared to have your perception of hearing shattered for two hours with your host Miguel Saranac as he leads you through an audio history of early and archival experimental electronic sounds and beyond! For this is noises for noise sake!



garage rock emporiumGarage Rock Emporium Part I

  Hour 1   Hour 2

June 23, 2015: Dig the sounds of three chord wonders played with minimalist skill! This is the 1960s Garage Rock Emporium as hosted by Maddock DuPree! It’s mid to late 1960s 100% American junk for your listening pleasure!



  Hour 1   Hour 2

April 06, 2015: That is a word that describes a sound previously unheard before from an unknown location. Let your host Dagobart.D.Runes take you to a place where unknown sounds abound. Hear instruments that were unheard of before.


10675743_10152850620149287_7640340619813931243_nWar Is Heck !

  Hour 1   Hour 2

November 11, 2014: 2014 marked the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WWI – the war to end all wars… Tune in for an action packed two hours of songs from the era of trench warfare and mustard gas with guest host Bridgier Archibald Leach! Who’s Bridgier Archibald Leach? Surely a TOS not to be missed!